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We, Chivami, truly understand the value of website rank and work according to that by adhering to search engine algorithms strictly. Our clients’ trust is our power and their satisfaction our duty. Our SEO pros invest their 100% in upping their clients’ website rank by using own experience, talent, knowledge, passion, dedication, and the like.

  • Customized and growth-oriented strategies for every business
  • Providing additional support and guidance to a newly-established company
  • Ever-increasing number of satisfied clients
  • Banking on cutting-edge technology to give our best
  • Tracking marketing activities with an eagle eye
  • Considering clients’ trust our first responsibility
  • Customized and growth-oriented strategies for every business

1. How much time will my website take to get on the Google first page?

There are many factors which are taken into account by Google or any other search engine before putting your website on the search engine result pages. Your content relevancy, content quality, page loading speed and the like the points that an SEO expert pays attention to and work according to that.

By working on such areas, you can get your web page rank higher in the search engine result pages.

2. What is local search and why is it important?

Local search means using a geographic tag like state, city or pin code as a part of the search phrase when searching something on the Internet. A search engine provides relevant, results for businesses, services and products within a geographical area by means of local search.

3. What are the factors for a search engine page ranking change?

The page ranking in the search engines can be changed if something new is updated and found more valuable by visitors. Sometimes, the content of a web page is not updated, thus lose relevancy according to the present demand, which also affects its ranking.

4. Why does a business need to improve its web presence?

A business needs to improve its web presence because it will help it reach more new customers, turn potential customers into existing ones and build unshakable relations with current customers.

Nowadays, every business, including your competitors, must be growing their web presence by consulting experts and adopting the latest technology to grab the attention of visitors and leave a long-lasting impression on them.

If you don’t do so, then your web presence will get weaker and weaker, and your competitors will win the war.

5. When to start SEO, before or after the development of a website?

When a customer comes to you to buy something, then it’s better to decorate your product to impress them. If you don’t, then your customer will move to someone else.

The same goes here, Google sees your website and finds it devoid of optimization, then your website will get a negative impression. Therefore, you must check that your website is loaded quickly, has the right keywords and looks beautiful before taking it to Google.

1. Brand awareness: our SEO specialists can make your brand known by providing you valuable advice and tips.

2. Online reputation management: staying in touch with SEO experts will let you have a healthy brand reputation.

3. Ideal SEO consulting: any doubt or fear lurking behind you can dissolve; just contact our SEO team and follow their guidance or advice.

4. Onsite SEO services: you will always rank higher than your competitors when your customers will search your product or service. Out optimization strategies will help you stay on the top.

5. Flawless backlink services: we provide tremendous backlink services, which will help you be found easily and increase your business revenue.

6. Performance tracking services: our SEO team will keep you updated regarding your current website position so that you can make some changes for your own good by taking our guidance.

7. Nothing hidden: our transparency is our weapon to win our clients’ trust, so we always maintain it.

8. Following Google’s latest rules: we always work after having an exact idea of the latest rule implemented by Google.

On Page SEO: On page SEO is the way to optimize the web page to increase its visibility, thus helping it generate more traffic. On page includes both the HTML code and the content of the page that can be optimized.

It contains the parts of SEO that are under your control. For example, if you have a website, then you can have your control over technical issues and the quality of the content by staying in touch with our SEO specialists so that no stone is left unturned for its high visibility on the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Local SEO: it has turned out to be an ideal way to market your business in the online world. By means of Local SEO, your local customers can reach your products or services. Here, you are placed on Google and any other renowned search engine, which allows you to be seen easily by your local targeted customers.

Our SEO experts can help you by providing their result-oriented strategies at an affordable price. Following their advice and guidance, your business and brand name will be on the lips of every local resident.

Link building: it can be best described as an integral part of SEO. Its function is to get links from other websites to yours. It may lead to more visibility of your blog in search results, grabbing traffic from other websites and getting indexed in the search result quickly.

And one more thing you must remember is that the better quality of incoming links you have, the more valuable your site will be considered by search engines. In layman terms, other websites are taking your reference because they find your content helpful and relevant.

Our SEO pundits invest their 100% in getting links from highly-reputed sources to boost the positive reputation of your website so that your content and website become the first choice in the eyes of search engines.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO means that you make sure that your website is running according to the guidelines laid down by search engines. Here, you are assured that your content can be indexed and ranked for the keyword used by a user according to the system. You must consider it the backbone of your website to know its value.

Mobile-friendliness, faster-loading speed, removing site errors, dealing with 404 errors, finding and fixing broken links and the like fall under this section. All of them play a crucial role in the success of your website.

Our hotshot technical SEO team can help you by warding off any issue related to technical SEO. After that, there will be no villain that can tank your website.

Website analytics: web analytics puts the data of visitors to your websites, thus giving you an idea of the way to optimize your content according to the interest of the user.

Knowing their activity on your website will allow you to make feasible plans and take productive decisions that will boost your website traffic. Having so, your chances of being successful will increase as you will tailor your services and make changes in your product according to the user’s expectations.

our SEO buffs can help you know more about your customers’ expectations and choices, as they have excellent research skills. By hiring them, taking your business to your desired level will be a cakewalk for you.

Complete website analysis: the way you go to doctors to check your whole body to find out whether something is abnormal or not, the same you need to go to SEO professionals to check whether everything in your website is okay or not.

The following are points you must take into account if you have a website: navigating capability of your site, its structured layout, optimization of images, descriptions in Alt tags and meta tags, no broken links and fast loading.

if any or other such issues hamper your business growth, then the solution to this problem lies in reaching our SEO experts. Their indubitable knowledge and years of experience can help them tackle and make such problems slip away, thus, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your website.

Video and image optimization: image optimization involves things like lessening the file size of your images with affecting its quality to make your page load time as low as possible.

Having your images optimized, you will have better page load speed, improved website SEO ranking and enhanced user experience. You must remember that the websites having less than 2 second page loading time are appreciated by users.

And, video optimization is tailoring your video to get it indexed and rank better on the search engine result pages for a relevant keyword search.

Remaining in touch with our SEO specialists will allow you to take full advantage of video and image optimization. This way, every image and video made by you will hit the bull’s eye, and your website will have a considerable amount of traffic.

Blog creation and submission: your visitors are always in search of new content from your side. But you can’t make that possible. Out SEO pundits can help you by providing you with relevant blogs to your business.

The blogs that will be sent to you will be first checked properly in terms of keyword density, image quality, content quality, adherence to search engines, and so on.

Having interesting and SEO friendly content will benefit both you and your website readers. This will bolster the relationship between both of you. And, better relations with potential customers means your business is on the right track.

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  • Customized and growth-oriented strategies for every business
  • Providing additional support and guidance to a newly-established company
  • Ever-increasing number of satisfied clients
  • Banking on cutting-edge technology to give our best
  • Tracking marketing activities with an eagle eye
  • Considering clients’ trust our first responsibility

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