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At Chivami, our role is to increase the visitors/traffic of your website into their clients. Our Mission is to provide Quality Solutions and Services efficiently so that the client can achieve their Business Goals!

Image and video optimization Remaining Work

This fact mustn’t be alien to you that entrancing and enthralling images are a must for a website. And, online videos play a crucial role in engaging customers or potential customers to the website, adding colour to the online presence of a business, explaining your product and service and showing how your services and products can bring a miraculous change in your customers/clients’ lives.

Chivami is highly-appreciated and respected for its image optimization services. Easing webmasters with image processing services is our speciality.

If you have video with some informational content, then we can optimize it so that you can make your customers or would-be customers better understand your product or service without a hitch. We truly understand the role of videos in setting up your business credibility and work keeping it in mind. We invest a great deal of time and our experience and inventiveness to make your video capable of leaving a long-lasting impression.

The most serious part of our video service for us is to show the positive effect or change in the life of your potential customers so that no stone is left unturned in changing your leads into your customers.

Our image optimization expert team bears the full responsibility of taking care of the formats of images so that it can be uploaded conveniently. They render you free from any worry or tension.

And, when it comes to video quality, we take your video, edit it if found anything lacking and optimize it so that your desired audience can find your videos conveniently.

Having optimized videos will allow you to set up your digital presence firmly, boost your online visibility and bring a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.

We make attention-grabbing pictures that are worth-using over the websites. The pictures are created in a way that can be resized, cropped, formatted and straightened with ease. It doesn’t matter how enormous amount of work we have; our quality doesn’t go down.

In our video services, we take the full responsibility of taking care of your videos and distributing them where they can be seen like YouTube, Vimeo, your own website and your blog when found necessary. We shatter all the walls that come between your customers and you, so reach them like a walk in the park.

The credit for making us the best image and video optimization company goes to our highly-trained, humble and innovative team who take every challenge as a challenge and make their all-out effort in their clients the utmost satisfaction.

Showing them the value that your products or services will add in their business or lives with engaging videos can go a long way. It is because a picture is worth a thousand words, and moving pictures with pleasant and inspirational sound will definitely fill their minds with positivity for your business brand.

Your videos can be your most powerful weapon to win the online presence battle leaving your business rivalries behind.

Our DPT professionals enjoy working with their clients’ team and make every step after full understanding or demands, potential challenges and expectations. They have a large number of designs and layouts to show their clients and help them choose one according to their brand type. After that, the preferred images are used where they are appropriate.

We optimize your videos to make it search engine-friendly. And, we work with transparency to maintain the trust of our clients and welcome their comments, feedback, advice and ideas smilingly.

We ensure that we have given our clients what they expected from us. In producing a well-balanced web image, we also keep an eye on the latest technology related to image optimization tools and use them to make your web images marvellous. The size of the file and quality for the websites come from well-thought-out strategies and brainstorming.

So, these are the points which make us proud of our capability. Although regarded as the best image and video optimization services provider, we still strive hard for the improvement of our services.